Customer Assistant

To assist you in your Marks and Spencer application please ensure you read through the following points :

  • If you consider yourself to have any disability that means you may require assistance in completing the application form online, please contact us, as detailed below
  • If you meet our minimum eligibility, you will be invited to complete our online Talent Screener. Please ensure when completing this that your responses are your own with no help from a third party. We do reserve the right to randomly retest candidates to verify they have completed this themselves
  • Candidates for the Customer Assistant role should only submit one application in any rolling 6 month period
  • Assuming an interview offered is suitable, you must click on the green "Book Interview" button, this will then generate an email confirming your interview and detailing the documentation required at interview
  • Candidates can only book one interview per online application and are therefore only eligible to have one interview booked at any given time, any subsequent interviews booked may be withdrawn
  • Applications are locked into the original search criteria, please ensure you are applying for a position/store/location you are interested in
  • Interview times offered are based on our interviewers availability and are not negotiable - if you are unable to attend at the time offered please do not book the interview but keep checking the website as further interviews may be released
  • Only stores with interviews available will appear on the website
  • Your application will only be valid for 6 months
  • For more detailed information please click on the FAQ link
  • Should you need further clarification or require advice or assistance please contact 0845 300 3725 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5.30pm), listen to the message and then choose option 2 to speak directly to a member of the Customer Support Team. Alternatively you can email us at

If you successfully apply for a customer assistant position with the Company you will be required to work a minimum number of hours per week, and will be required to work additional hours if this is necessary to meet the operational needs of the business, in accordance with your availability. You will be required to vary your hours and shifts on a week to week basis to meet operational needs. Your working hours will be discussed with you in detail at the point of assessment.